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Pooper Scooper

So yesterday Jon Luc pulled off his diaper and proceeded to smear a poop streak on the floor. Yuck! At least it was the kitchen floor, but still, Yuck! While I was giving him a bath and cleaning his mess I couldn’t help wonder if I could make money by scooping this stuff up and selling it for fertilizer. I mean by now I have had to clean up a truck load of this stuff so why not make some money in the process. Am I Right? Okay by now you should understand that I am just finding humor in a bad situation. But that led me into thinking about the silly, creepy, and sometime crazy things people do with poop. So here are my top 10 count down to number 1.

10. Fertilizer. Okay so I might sound Repetitive her, but have you ever stopped to think about what people spread in their gardens to help it grow? Yeah I don’t like to think about it much either.

9. Pet Waist Removal Service. This is a fancy way of saying, “I Pick up poop for a living.” A few months ago I was driving down the road and saw a sign for a pet waste disposal service on the back of a truck. In this economy it looks like everyone is looking for a way to make an extra buck.

8. Scatology.  Scatology or Coprology is the study of poop. All joking aside there is actually a lot you can learn from poop. Things like diet, health, tape worms, diseases, and even the culture and health of ancient civilizations can be learned from poop.

7. Make jewelry. Yeah I am not joking. Jewelry made out of Moose Turds and Even Kala poo have made its way into retail. All I got to say is Yuck!

6. Make Paper. Yes I said paper, and I am still not Joking! You can buy Paper made from Elephant, Sheep, Bison, Kangaroo, Panda, Wombat, Reindeer, Giraffe, Rhino, and Zebra poop.  Prices vary depending on the animal poo it is made from.

5. Facials. Yes apparently this originated in Japan long ago and has been gaining popularity. I will mention that poo is somehow purified before it is applied to your face.

4.  Poop Art.  Sprinkle Brigade is a group of guys who saw opportunity for art in waste. They have several pieces of Art that they make from poop. I guess when all else fails turn it into a work of art. blah!

3. Throw Poop.  Enough Said!

2.Moose Poop Lip balm. Okay I really think this is a novelty gift, however it does not make it any less gross to make my list so there it is.

1. Poop Burgers. Mitsuyuki Ikeda a researcher in Japan from the Okayama Laboratory found that poop among other things had a great source of protein found in it. So he figured out a way to extract the protein and add a little stake sauce and turn it into a meat. Thus the Turd Burger was born. Yummy!

So I guess you can say that there is money to be made in poop after all. Just another day in the life of the adventure that is Jon Luc.

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